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Playset pictured: Frolic playset

Delivery and Installation


Your playset or playbed will leave CedarWorks by common carrier within two to three weeks of your order, though during our crazy season in the Spring, it might be longer. Expect the truck to pull into your driveway two to ten days after it leaves us, and expect your kids to bolt out the door like a shot. Accessory orders for outdoor playsets leave here even sooner, typically within 2 business days, and travel by UPS unless they're super big. Indoor accessories may take longer than 2 business days, depending on stock. If, heaven forbid, there are ever any problems with delivery, we will handle them for you immediately.

Outdoor Playsets

Outdoor Installation

CedarWorks has a nationwide network of installers available to bring your new playset to life. Just give us a call at 800-462-3327 and we'll find an installer near you... maybe even in your own neighborhood.

Getting Ready for Outdoor Installation

  • You won't need to dig. Even though every playset is strong enough to hold your whole family, it is entirely free-standing. That means it sits on top of the ground, and there's never any digging or concrete.
  • Planning your play area. Our playsets come in various sizes. To plan for maximum safety, please allow 6 feet of space around all sides of the set you choose. When you talk with us, we'll help you make sure the set you order will fit the yard you have.
  • Preparing a safe surface. We have photographed most of our playsets on grass not only because it's beautiful, but also because many playsets are installed on grass. However, there are better surfaces. We suggest you place your set on loose-fill materials, such as wood chips or pea stone. It will improve safety, and you won't have to deal with mud puddles and mowing around and under the playset. Don't hesitate to ask us for more information. Or check with the Consumer Product Saftey Commission (

Indoor Playsets & Playbeds

Indoor Installation

All accessories are finished and ready to be assembled using a few common household tools. Installation is designed for the average homeowner, but if you prefer to have someone else do the work, installation services are available in most areas. Just give us a call at 800-462-3327 and we'll find an installer near you

Getting Ready for Indoor Installation

Like all CedarWorks playsets, Rhapsody provides a beautifully safe environment for your kids and can stand up to anything your kids can dish out. Having said that, playing inside the house is not quite the same as playing out in the yard so there are some common sense things to keep in mind.

  • Make sure there's space. Make sure there's plenty of space at the end of the slides.
  • Place the set on something shock-absorbent. Place your new playset or playbed on carpet or some sort of shock-absorbent surfacing, particularly if there are higher decks.
  • Watch out for windows.
  • Avoid putting the playbed or playset too close to a wall. Position the playset or playbed either less than 3.5" or more than 9" fromt he wall in order to avoid an accidental head-and-neck entrapment hazard.

Please think safety first, then let the fun begin!

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