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You're the expert when it comes to your kids. We're the experts when it comes to swing set design. Together, we can create a swing set that your whole family will love. Just give us a call at 800-462-3327 and you'll be on your way. A CedarWorks Design Expert will guide you through the entire process. Number of kids? Ages? Interests? Yard space? Even pets. Your Design Expert will ask questions and make suggestions to help your playset begin to take shape. You can then create your set interactively online, view 3D models, and more.


Kids: Two children ages 5 and 11

Interesting tidbits: I grew up in Midcoast Maine and have lived here all my life enjoying the many outdoor and athletic activities in the area. Playing tennis, fishing, and spending quality time with my children are some of my favorite ways to spend a day.

Design Expert Since: January of 2004

My favorite thing About CedarWorks: How the company treats its employees like extended family. A few times a year CedarWorks staff all gather together to celebrate holidays or special events. I am reminded, as we all gather to share a meal, and socialize how very lucky we are to work for a company that has, in the midst of a fast paced world, keep old fashioned values and traditions strong.


Kids: Three grown children and four grandchildren ages 10-22. I cannot forget Moxie (age 7), my Jack Russell Terrier!

Interesting Tidbits: Aloha! I recently spent 10 days visiting family on the beautiful Hawaiian islands. While there I sampled the local fare, enjoyed the beaches, read and of course enjoyed every minute with the people I love. Back in Maine, my husband Les and I own and operate Green Arrow Farms, a hydroponic farm featuring vegetables and herbs. We built the business from the ground up and now sell our produce to local restaurants.

Design Expert Since: February 2003

My Favorite thing About CedarWorks: Every day I get to speak to wonderful families from all over the world. I have developed relationships with these customers that have turned into wonderful friendships. Families have driven from far and away to our office in Maine to sit down with me and design the playset of their dreams. I hope you will, too!


Kids: Three daughters ages 2, 8, and 12.

Interesting Tidbit: My love of horses began at the age of five. My daughters have developed the same early passion for horses, especially a horse named Top Notch Doc Leo. “Leo”, as my family and I call him, is our 11 year old double registered bay Quarter Horse. We spend lots of time with Leo whether we are cleaning stalls, riding or preparing for local horse shows. My girls love spending days at the barn and I in turn love seeing them get dirty, work hard and most importantly having fun!

Design Expert Since: January of 2008

My Favorite thing About CedarWorks: The bi-weekly massages. A local masseuse comes in every two weeks to treat the staff to a massage. It is a great way to start the day. So, if I seem particularly relaxed when speaking with you, it’s probably the 2nd or 4th Tuesday of the month.


Kids: Two girls 11 and 18

Interesting Tidbit: As a kid growing up in Northern Maine, I remember looking forward to school closing for a few weeks each fall for potato harvest. Working the harvest was always a balance between hard work and lots of fun much like my job as a Design Expert at CedarWorks. When not designing playsets, I can be found hurrying to make it to my daughter’s softball, basketball and/or field hockey games.

Design Expert Since: January of 2004

My Favorite thing About CedarWorks: I love working with families to design playsets that fits their individual wants and needs. Seeing the smiles and pure joy in the photos, e-mails, and letters I receive from customers, always reminds me of what an incredible blessing a playset is in the life of a child. For years to come the family will experience lasting memories while swinging, climbing and exploring on their playset. Knowing I played a small part in those memories is pretty awesome.


Kids: Two children ages 13 and 8

Interesting Tidbit: My family and I take full advantage of living on the Midcoast by boating, and exploring the hidden treasures of the islands, and coves all around us. When not playing on the beach, swimming in the ocean or exploring tidal pools, I can be found cooking up a mean Chicken Boursin or cruising in my 1967 f100 pickup truck similar to the one my Dad had when I was a kid. Amazing how a truck can bring back such wonderful memories of childhood, hoping my kids feel the same someday.

Design Expert Since: November 2002

My Favorite thing About CedarWorks: Working for a family who values doing the right thing, working hard, respecting others and treating employees and customers like family. I am proud to sell CedarWorks products not only because they truly are the most beautiful, highest quality playsets available but because of the incredibly kind and generous family that stands behind them. To be a part of that is pretty incredible.


Kids: Some number ages yet-to-be-born to still youthful.

Interesting tidbits: While searching for the best playthings for my kids, I found this wonderful company called CedarWorks.

Design Expert Since: The moment I pick up the phone and called you

My Favorite thing About CedarWorks: Being able to design my own playset with a helpful and professional Design Expert – all from the comfort of my home.

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