Playset pictured: Serendipity 1 example set


Many CedarWorks customers are so enthusiastic about our products that they make their time and backyard available to other interested families. The See-a-Set program is a great way for people like you to ask questions of fellow parents who will answer based on their personal experience.

If you are interested, here is how the program works:

  • We suggest you first sign up for preferred access from this website or call us at 800-462-3327.
  • Determine which playset you would like for your family based on the ages of your children, the space available in your backyard and your children's favorite activities.
  • Select your swing set design by either:
    • Choosing a picture from the website that looks exactly right.
    • Modifying one of the pictures to create a customized playset.
    • Creating a fully customized playset and request a quote using CedarDesigner, or calling our Design Experts at 800-462-3327.
  • Call and tell us you want to See-a-Set. We will try to find a home that is near you and with a playset design as close to what you have requested as possible.
  • Visit the home at the time you schedule and have fun! The people you visit will be parents just like you who will be happy to answer your questions and relate their own personal CedarWorks experience.

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Through our ReCedaring program, we have donated more than 450,000 seedlings to small woodlot owners and environmental organizations. And, with no plastic components, our Rhapsody products can be returned to the earth when the time comes.

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