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We work hard so at the end of the day we can look back and be proud that we’ve made something that people truly love. We also have a lot of fun doing it.

Fake Miniature Frolic 16 Playset

Posted on April 18th by Doug

This is a photo of our Frolic 16 swing set, which we decided to have some fun with in Photoshop. By using either a tilt-shift lens, or faking it in Photoshop after the photo is taken, a photograph can be made to look like a miniature of a real-life object. It helps to be somewhat above and at a good distance from the subject, and in this case we had used a cherry-picker to get a nice, high vantage point of some of our sets… which turned out to be just perfect for simulating a tilt-shift effect. Look at the girl on the slide; you’d swear she was a little plastic person from a model train set, but in fact she’s the daughter of one of our Design Experts!

Here are a few interesting links if you’d like to learn more about tilt-shift photography:

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Posted in Fun, Playsets & Swingsets   |   Photography by Sean Carnell