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Maybe it’s the fresh ocean air, maybe it’s the blue skies, or maybe it’s just that kids can’t help but smile when they’re playing on one of creations. Whatever it is, we sure love what happens to kids faces during our photo shoots.

Outdoor Furniture Photo Shoot

Posted on September 27th by CedarWorks

We had some fun out on the lawn yesterday, taking some fresh photographs of our outdoor furniture. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day and after the shoot we all went over to CedarWorks’ outdoor set display area and the kids got to run wild for a bit. We ended the day with all the kids, parents, and photographers getting together for an impromptu dinner at the home of the parents of two of the children modeling for us. A perfect end to a perfect photo shoot.

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Kids at Play

Posted on May 10th by CedarWorks

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