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Kids at Play

Posted on May 10th by CedarWorks

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Super Moon

Posted on May 8th by CedarWorks

Spent a quiet evening on the shore of Penobscot Bay waiting for the Super Moon to rise. Super Moon? Wikipedia to the rescue: “A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size of the moon’s disk as seen from Earth. The technical name is the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system”.

Perigee-syzygy.. sounds like something we could add to one of our playsets… hmm.

Posted in Maine   |   Photography by Sean Carnell

Playset in the Snow

Posted on April 23rd by CedarWorks

The world always looks great after we get a big dump of snow, and I had to stop and take this shot as I drove into the office one winter morning… the subtle warmth of the cedar in contrast to the cold white snow was eye-catching.

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The Belted Galloways

Posted on April 18th by Doug

While driving through Rockport, home to CedarWorks, you just might find yourself face-to-face with the Belted Galloways at Aldermere Farms. Aldermere Farms is a working farm and one of the world’s leading breeders of Belted Galloway cattle… also known as the “Oreo Cookie Cows” or, as a friend humorously calls them, “Belted Getaways”.

Posted in Maine   |   Photography by Doug Felton

Serendipity Sunrise

Posted on April 18th by Doug

Whenever we have photo shoots to showcase new products, I try to arrive at the set before sunrise in the hope of finding great light. This particular morning, for about 10 minutes, the sky was worth being there for.

Posted in Playsets & Swingsets   |   Photography by Sean Carnell