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Frequently Asked Questions
Rhapsody Series

Can I customize a Rhapsody playset?

Yes. In fact, every Rhapsody playset we sell is custom configured. While many of the playsets that we sell are similar to the examples on our website, others are completely unique configurations designed to fit the exact needs and wishes of a specific family.

Can I reconfigure or add on to my Rhapsody playset over time?

Yes. The Rhapsody play system is modular so you can add on or change things around as best fits your family over time.

How high do my ceilings need to be for a Rhapsody playset?

You will need at least 3' above the playdeck surface to readily install the playset. Thus, a Playdeck 30 could be installed where the ceiling is only 5'6". Similary, a Playdeck 60 could be installed where the ceiling is only 8'. Please realize, however, that headroom for a child may be a more important factor depending on the age/size of your children.

How much space should there be around a Rhapsody playset?

There are no published standards for indoor play systems, so the following is a composite of information for outdoor play systems and common sense.
  • If the playset is against a wall, it should be either less than 3.5" from the wall or more than 9" from the wall. Spacing from 3.5"-9" isconsidered a head and neck entrapment.
  • The slides are fast, so try to allow at least 3-4' at the end of our Playdeck 30 slides, and 4'-6' at the end of our Playdeck 45 slides.
  • As for the rest of the playset, it depends on the deck height and accessory. For our lowest decks and accessories with the most gentle exit, 2' should be sufficient. For our highest decks, 4' is recommended when there is no fence. Of course, some judgment should be applied since having a brick wall within the safety zone is different than having a bean bag chair the same distance away.

What are Rhapsody playsets made from?

  • The vertical posts and horizontal arched pieces are made from Ash, a hardwood renowned for its shock resistance and strength as well as its use in major league baseball bats.
  • The panels are made from a multi-ply wood laminate commonly referred to as Baltic Birch. With 40% more layers than traditional plywoods, this material is not only stronger, it is also void-free so that the edges of the cutouts remain smooth and attractive.

What is the age range for Rhapsody playsets?

Most children can begin to navigate Rhapsody playsets as early as 12 months by crawling in and out of nook panels or up and down ramps. By 2 years old, most children can enjoy the majority of Rhapsody accessories. And by 4 years old, the entire system (with the exception of monkey bars and some vertical accessories) is appropriate. To make it more challenging for those 5 or older, higher playdecks and vertical walls and ladders are suitable. And, when it comes to hanging out in a hidden nook, there is no age limit though it gets a bit tough for us adults due to our size!

What is the weight limit for Rhapsody playsets?

Rhapsody playsets are designed to hold adult weights. In fact, we were unable to break the product during weight testing. While there is certainly some weight that cannot be supported, we know from experience that an adult will not fit into the playset long before that weight limit is reached.

Can an adult use the slide?

As long as the slide is being used for sliding down, then an adult can use the slide.

Can Rhapsody playsets be used in non-residential settings?

Yes. Rhapsody playsets were designed primarily for the residential market but commercial standards were considered throughout the process. As a result, Rhapsody playsets are suitable for non-residential settings where moderate use with supervision can be expected such as child care centers, pre-schools, and the like. We would not recommend Rhapsody playsets for unsupervised public settings where heavy and/or inappropriate use might occur.

Do you offer custom cut-outs for the panels?

Not at this time. Whereas we seek to expand the range of design options available over time, we do not have a custom option.

Can the playsets be custom painted?

Not at this time. Rhapsody playsets are only available in natural posts and panels with colored accent pieces.

How long will a Rhapsody playset last?

Like any well-crafted piece of furniture, a Rhapsody playset should last a very, very long time. In fact, your only worry might be deciding what to do with it once your kids are in college.

Does a Rhapsody playset need to be refinished?

Other than the inevitable nicks and scratches that might appear anywhere on the playset over time, the only surfaces that might require refinishing are the decks themselves due to the high traffic. With this in mind, we finished both sides of the deck panels and made them easy to flip over in case the top side gets a bit worn looking.

How long will it take to receive my Rhapsody playset?

Please visit our Delivery page for information on shipping and delivery times.

How long will it take to install a Rhapsody playset?

The average Rhapsody playset should take approximately one half day to assemble with two adults using common household tools. Larger sets will take more time. CedarWorks provides customized installation instructions which, when reviewed in advance, can significantly reduce assembly time.

Can I hire someone to install my Rhapsody playset?

Yes. CedarWorks can provide the name of an installer in most areas of the United States.

Where can I purchase the pillows and other items I see in the playset photos?

Some items, such as the Soloette slide, are CedarWorks products available for purchase directly from us. Other items may have come from local and/or specialty retailers, while others are available through major national retailers such as Land of Nod ( and Pottery Barn Kids (

How are Rhapsody playsets stained and finished?

Our indoor playsets, playbeds, and playhouses will arrive finished and require no staining. CedarWorks clear stain finish is a high quality, water reducible, low VOC self-sealer that contains a UV absorber to reduce natural wood discoloration due to sunlight. All materials meet CARB standards and are approved for furniture use in all fifty states.

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