Serendipity Series

These are a few examples of infinite possibilities. Buy as is, design your own online, or enjoy our free design services.

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About Serendipity

Our Serendipity Series combines exceptional play value with aesthetic values you'd associate with artisan-crafted furniture. These wood swing sets and playsets are designed by an international designer to stand right alongside your other prized possessions. Extensive planning and design, and we'll admit - a fair amount of serendipity - have all gone into making this the most beautiful playset you can buy.

Can a child appreciate a playset that combines whimsy and superb craftsmanship with hints of classical architecture? If you can get them to stop playing on it for a minute you'll have to ask them.

Why CedarWorks Outdoor Play?

CedarWorks uses only Northern White Cedar in our swing sets... and our custom cut cedar 2x4's and 4x4's are up to 33% larger than anyone else's. There are many reasons CedarWorks is the right choice for you and your family.

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