Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions set forth the terms and conditions for membership in the CedarWorks Rhapsody Commercial Co-marketing Partner Program. CedarWorks may change the Program or these Terms & Conditions from time to time. CedarWorks will post such changes here. Any changed Terms & Conditions become effective immediately upon being posted here, and your continued use of membership constitutes your agreement to the changed Terms & Conditions.


The CedarWorks Rhapsody Commercial Co-marketing Partner Program membership is granted to selected and qualified owners/operators of commercial play centers, public access businesses, and restaurant/café locations which appropriately display, provide access to, and support the marketing of CedarWorks Rhapsody products. To qualify, please provide the following:

  • Completed program membership application including acceptance of terms and conditions

Product purchase discounts will be credited back to approved program members within 5 business days following installation and validation of display system by CedarWorks. We reserve the right to make all membership determinations at our sole discretion. Each location must individually apply for membership by submitting their individual application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Membership is not transferable. A membership ID can only be used by the registered member.

Misuse of membership may result in membership termination. Misuse includes, without limitation: use of the program discount for personal purchases, any resale of merchandise purchased using the program discount through any retail outlet (e.g., resale on or through any retail or auction Web site or store), transfer of membership, allowing others to use the membership ID (e.g., sharing the member ID), and submitting false, expired or misleading information in connection with a membership application.

Membership Requirements

  1. Requires Program Enrollment / Agreement to Terms and Conditions

    Program enrollment and preliminary membership approval must be completed prior to product purchase to qualify for purchase discount.

    Program discounts will not be applied to prior purchases.

  2. Link to CedarWorks Website from Commercial Site

    Program members are required to provide a link to CedarWorks from their business website. Approved graphics for website links will be provided to program members by the CedarWorks Professional Programs Support Team.

  3. Display Space Minimum Requirement

    The minimum amount of public access display space required for participation in the Commercial Co-marketing Partner program is 225 sqr ft. Open play spaces surrounding the Rhapsody playset may be considered in meeting display space minimum requirements

  4. Merchandising Program / Literature Display and Distribution / Display Quality Standards

    Membership in Commercial Co-Marketing Partner Program requires active participation in the Rhapsody merchandising program. The Rhapsody commercial merchandising program includes commercial branding on display sets, display of Rhapsody promotional literature, and maintenance of Rhapsody display system in excellent condition at all times. CedarWorks reserves the right to inspect display system and audit merchandising program adherence from time to time during the regular business hours of program member’s location with or without prior member notification.

    CedarWorks is responsible for providing the branding on commercial display systems, literature and associated literature display systems, and other retail signage. CedarWorks reserves the right to modify the commercial merchandising program at its sole discretion at any time.

  5. Provide Free Access to CedarWorks Client Prospects during Normal Business Hours

    Program members must agree to provide free access to CedarWorks customer prospects (as identified by CedarWorks) to view and inspect display system during the normal operating hours of the member’s location. CedarWorks will make every effort to provide 24 hour advance notification to member of any scheduled CedarWorks prospect visit.

  6. Replace or Refurbish Play System after 48 months of Commercial Use

    Program members must agree to replace or refurbish Rhapsody display play system within 48 months of the original installation date. Program members may request a 12 month extension of this time requirement, based on verification by CedarWorks that the member’s play system is in satisfactory display condition. Referral credits in member’s account may be applied directly to replacement Rhapsody display system purchases.

    Membership status is reviewed at the beginning of each year to confirm program compliance and continued operation of program member’s Commercial location. CedarWorks reserves the right to terminate program membership for any failure to meet program requirements. Members will be notified by email of any program requirement compliance concerns, and will be given a reasonable opportunity to comply with minimum program requirements prior to termination of membership.

    Always use your CedarWorks Rhapsody Commercial Co-marketing Partner Program membership ID to receive program credit for purchases or customer referrals. Purchases or referral benefits that do not reference your valid membership ID number will not be counted towards member account credit.

Co-marketing Partner Program Benefits

Display Playset Purchase Discount

Program members in good standing will receive Rhapsody product purchase rebates at the following levels:

  • 10% rebate on individual playset purchases up to $10K
  • 20% rebate on individual playset purchases exceeding $10K
  • Installation Service Discount: Members making individual purchases exceeding $10K will also receive a credit of 20% off any CedarWorks installation service costs

Eligible purchase discounts will be provided in the form of an account credit, or a cash refund to be issued within 5 business days following CedarWorks confirmation of playset installation. The purchase discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offer and is not valid for sale items, shipping and processing fees or taxes. CedarWorks reserves the right to change the list of items not eligible for the purchase discount at its discretion. Any such changes will be posted here as changed Terms & Conditions.

4 Year Platinum Commercial Service Program

Program members receive CedarWorks extended Platinum service plan - including full replacement of any parts that fail due to manufacturing defect for a period of 48 months. This includes wood structures, supports, panels and assembly hardware. This service also includes expedited replacement part shipping at no expense to program member. In addition, at CedarWorks sole discretion, wooden components that show signs of premature or excessive wear during the commercial service program period may also be replaced following a request by the program member. CedarWorks representatives will promptly evaluate all member requests for component replacement, and respond to any member concerns. A photo of the specific area of concern will be helpful in providing warranty services.

CedarWorks is not responsible for any product or component replacement or contingent liability which is associated with improper assembly or product misuse. Member exclusively assumes all liability for the safety of users of CedarWorks products at all times within their facility.

Dedicated 5% Discount Code & Coupon for Client Referrals

Commercial Partners Earn 5% Account Credits Towards Future Purchases on All Documented Referral Sales. Member will receive a supply of Rhapsody product referral cards to distribute to visitors to their commercial location that include a unique and trackable discount code that they may use.

Referral customers will also receive a credit of 5% of all Rhapsody product purchases that reference their unique discount code. Commercial Partners will be notified via email of any completed Rhapsody sales referencing their partner code.

Membership ID

Members may be subject to additional terms and conditions provided with membership ID communications. A membership ID is valid until the expiration date noted with your approved member ID. Lost member IDs may be canceled and replaced at the sole discretion of CedarWorks upon receipt of the required business documentation. The membership ID is not a credit card.


CedarWorks reserves the right to terminate a membership or cancel the Rhapsody Design Trade Program at its sole discretion, with or without notice to the member.

Members may cancel their membership at any time and for any reason by calling their dedicated Trade Representative at (800) 462-3327 or (207) 596-1010 from outside the US.