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Application for A Chance to Play raffle program

Welcome to CedarWorks' A Chance to Play swing set raffle. Please complete the application below. We are accepting applications through March 2018.

All schools applying for A Chance to Play must have received a quote for a proposed playset valued at $15,000 or higher. Selected schools must pay a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the playset’s price before the raffle can begin. Quoted playset must be purchased within 6 months of raffle completion. Eligible schools are required to show proof of their tax-exempt nonprofit or government entity status.

Terms and Conditions

Participating schools must:

  • Show proof of their tax-exempt/government entity status.
  • Allow CedarWorks to use images or videos of the school and the school’s new playset in CedarWorks marketing materials including print, website, and any social media accounts. CedarWorks may shoot photos or video on location at the school.
  • Post raffle information on school website and all school social media channels using approved graphics, logo, and wording.
  • Distribute raffle sales packets including raffle tickets to families in the school.
  • Pay a 20% non-refundable deposit must be paid to CedarWorks before participating school can begin selling raffle tickets.

Participating schools are solely responsible for following all applicable laws pertaining to games of chance in their state.

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