Swingsets are easier to choose with the help of our new quiz

Our Products  |  2 years ago

Swingsets are easier to choose with the help of our new quiz

When you visit CedarWorks’ website, it’s pretty hard to miss that we have a lot of playsets and swingsets from which to choose. We show dozens of example playsets and playhouses in a variety of configurations, not to mention the fact that you can customize any playset you see or even design your own. 

It’s pretty awesome! We have a playset to fit virtually any yard and any child (or even a whole neighborhood of children), and they are all beautiful if we do say so ourselves. If you give us a call, any of our Playset Design Experts are happy to help you find or design just the right swingset for your family. 

But we know it might seem a little overwhelming when you first get to our website to see so many choices, so we actually spend a lot of time trying to think of ways to make it easier for our customers to find their playset, and we want it to be fun. After all, you’re shopping for a playset. Why not add a little play to the process?

So in the interest of fun, we created a new quiz where you just answer a few questions to get a swingset suggestion that fits your family. It’s light and easy. There are no wrong answers - this is not one of your high school history teacher’s infamous pop quizzes that was often accompanied by a lot of red Xs and the occasional snarky comment about working up to your potential (not that we ever got any of those comments. It’s just something we heard). We hope visitors to our website will enjoy taking the quiz, and seeing their results. 

Our first quiz is for our Serendipity line of playsets, so we don’t cover all of our playset lines yet, but we plan to launch a quiz for our Frolic product line as soon as possible, and that will be followed by an Outdoor Playhouse quiz. Give the Serendipity Quiz a try and see what you think!