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Funding Your Playset

Guide to Playground Funding Sources

A new playset or playground is a big investment for your organization, but it’s worthwhile for the benefits children get from active play. Fortunately, there are funding programs and foundations that also recognize the importance of active play. Our Guide to Playground Funding Sources provides information and links to national and local funders who may consider requests for playground funding.

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A Chance to Play Raffle Program

CedarWorks' A Chance to Play raffle program for schools provides selected schools with the opportunity to raise funds for a new CedarWorks outdoor playset by selling raffle tickets for a chance to win a new CedarWorks playset. CedarWorks donates the playset to be raffled and provides the tools and marketing materials to make the raffle a successful fundraiser. Schools provide the volunteer power to sell as many tickets as possible. All proceeds from ticket sales are used toward the cost of a new CedarWorks commercial outdoor playset for the school.

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