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To see prices throughout our website, please sign in or request a catalog.

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Did you see the perfect set?
You can order any playset you see online by calling (800) 462-3327 to place your order with one of our Design Experts.

Did you see a set that is close to what you want but not quite it?
Call our Design Experts or make a few tweaks until you’ve got your perfect set.

Do you want to design your perfect set from scratch?
Call our Design Experts to guide you through the process or design it yourself and make your perfect playset.

How to Lease

Here at CedarWorks, we understand that a play system is a significant investment for schools, child care facilities, museums, healthcare facilities, and other businesses.

From brand new businesses to established, growing businesses, there is often the challenge of maintaining cash flow while needing to add or upgrade equipment. Leasing provides a way to obtain equipment without major capital investment and with credit and tax benefits.

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Assembly and Delivery

Give us a call at (800) 462-3327 and we'll be happy to provide the name and contact information of a playset assembly service provider near you. (U.S. only excluding Alaska). If you prefer to assemble your set yourself, CedarWorks products are designed so that the average person with common tools can complete assembly on their own.

CedarWorks ships playsets to all 50 states, Canada and most other countries around the world. Within 1 - 2 weeks of your order (maybe a bit more in the spring), your playset will leave our facility in Maine to be delivered directly to your home.

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