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Wooden Outdoor Playset

Many CedarWorks customers are so enthusiastic about their playsets that they make time, and their backyard, available to other interested families. The See-a-Set program is a great way for you to see a CedarWorks playset for yourself and ask questions of fellow parents who can answer based on their experiences with CedarWorks.

If you are interested in the program, give us a call at 800-462-3327 and tell us you want to See-a-Set.

If you have a favorite set that you’ve seen online or in our catalog, or if you’ve designed one yourself using our Design Your Own tool, please let us know—that way we can try to find a home with a playset as close to your favorite as possible.

Can’t choose a favorite, or just want to see the quality of CedarWorks materials and construction for yourself? That’s okay, too. We will find a home that is near you, so you can see a set “in real life.” You might even get some ideas for your own set.

Once we've found the set for you to see, visit the home at the time you schedule and have fun. The people you visit will be parents just like you who will be happy to answer your questions and relate their own CedarWorks experience.

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