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CedarWorks announces launch of new giving program, A Chance to Play

Program supports school playground fundraising efforts

April 1, 2018

CedarWorks is pleased to announce a new Giving Back program designed to help schools fund new playground equipment purchases.

The new program, A Chance to Play, helps selected schools achieve their playground equipment fundraising goals by providing the tools to hold a successful raffle fundraiser. CedarWorks will donate a playset to be used as the grand prize for the raffle and will also provide marketing support and advice. Schools, in turn,will provide the volunteer power to sell raffle tickets. Proceeds from ticket sales go toward funding the purchase of a new CedarWorks commercial outdoor playset for the school’s playground.

“We recognize that many small schools struggle to budget for playground needs. We also believe that active, outdoor play is crucial to children’s development and should be part of every school’s curriculum,” said Barrett Brown, president of CedarWorks, “so we want to support schools in providing high quality playground equipment that encourages active, imaginative play. We hope A Chance to Play will be a fun, creative way to do that and to get the whole school community excited about their new playset.”

As part of its commitment to creating a healthier world for children, CedarWorks donates 10% of its profits to organizations that benefit children and the environment. A Chance to Play is one of three giving programs it administers. For more information on CedarWorks’ Giving Back Programs, including A Chance to Play, visit

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