Play-a-Round wood playset with slide, ramp, swings, and more


Budget-friendly swingsets made from round cedar stock

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CedarWorks uses only authentic cedar

Authentic Cedar

The Authentic Cedar in CedarWorks is the same North American cedar that has long been valued for its natural strength and longevity. The "cedar" in more than 95% of other "cedar" playsets is not. That "cedar" is actually a marketing term for Cunninghamia Lanceolata, a species from China that is not related to cedar and does not share all the same characteristics that make Northern White Cedar the best for outdoor play. Learn more

Boy using a climbing wall on a Play-a-Round wood swing set

Naturally long lasting

Northern White Cedar is the only wood used in outdoor playsets that is naturally splinter-free and naturally long-lasting without paints, stains or other chemical treatments. And, it’s up to 33% larger in dimension than wood from competing companies. Learn more

Play-a-Round swing set after installation

Easy to install

No sawing, drilling or measuring. And, components are pre-assembled meaning 50% fewer parts than the competition.

Play-a-Round playset uses larger wood posts and rails

Bigger and better wood

Authentic cedar vertical posts that are larger than traditional 4x4s and horizontal rails larger than 2x4s

Girls and boy playing on a Play-a-Round cedar playset

Mortise and tenon construction

The wood, not the fasteners, bears the weight for a stronger, more durable structure. Easier to assemble, too!

Girls playing on tire swing on a Play-a-Round swingset

Three sets to choose from

Depending on what you want and the size of your yard, you can choose from one of three activity-packed Play-a-Round swingsets: Frontier Fort, Trading Post, or Lookout. See your choices

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