Healthy Living, A CedarWorks Core Value

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Healthy Living, A CedarWorks Core Value

Traditionally, January is a month for focusing on health and self-improvement in the form of New Year’s resolutions. At CedarWorks, we are no different. “Healthy Living” is one of our core values, and we try to practice it in all its forms, but we also can use an occasional refresh, and January is a good time to do that.

From CedarWorks’ Core Values:

“We believe in healthy living for our customers and our employees.

We design products that promote active, imaginative and social play, and we offer our employees benefits, programs and a work environment that support healthy living.”

To that end, our products are designed and manufactured with consideration for the health of our environment. We use Northern White Cedar, which is native to the northeast US and Canada and doesn’t require paints, stains, or other chemical treatments, for our outdoor playsets, and ultra-low VOC water-based stains for our indoor products, so they are safe for kids.

Play itself - what CedarWorks is all about - is critical to healthy child development, providing good exercise as well as opportunities for social and emotional growth and development. [link to Hard Work of Play]

Those are things we do to promote healthy living that we can easily talk about on our website and other marketing materials, but CedarWorks is also true to its values behind the scenes, promoting and advocating for the health and safety of everyone who works here, particularly with its wellness program for employees.

In the past our Wellness Program has included “lunch and learn” workshops on nutrition, fitness challenges, a sponsored team at an annual 5k, and an onsite exercise room with weights and cardio equipment. This month, we added even more to the program with memberships for all employees at a local recreation center that includes fitness rooms, ice skating, tennis, and something called pickleball. CedarWorks is also providing weekly group sessions with a personal trainer, and family members can also join the rec center at a reduced rate.

This time of year, especially living in a cold climate, some of us need a little motivation and encouragement to take care of ourselves, and this new program seems to be the answer. It just started last week, and everyone is talking about it, discussing what is available, how to schedule in workouts, even planning to meet to learn how to play pickleball (it’s like a cross between tennis and ping pong, apparently. I guess we’ll find out).

As a core value, promoting healthy living is something CedarWorks does both for our customers and for ourselves.

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