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2 girls about to play on an outdoor swing set

Service & Support

Providing service and support is key at CedarWorks. We have customer service experts ready to assist you through every step of your CedarWorks purchase from delivery to installation and for the life of your CedarWorks product. And,we keep your specific design stored in our database, so if you call with a question, we will know exactly what you are talking about and how to help.

Detail of slide from an outdoor swingset

Cedar in CedarWorks

CedarWorks playsets are made of the only wood that’s naturally rot-resistant, naturally splinter-free without maintenance.

No other wood used in playsets, not even other species of cedar, combines all these important benefits.  Learn more

Child playing at installing a CedarWorks cedar playset

Assembly and Site Prep

Assembly instructions and packing lists are included in your shipment and can be found in a plastic sleeve enclosed in a carton marked with a bright yellow sticker saying "packing list and instructions enclosed".

Give us a call at (800) 462-3327 and we'll be happy to provide the name and contact information of a playset assembly service provider near you. (U.S. only excluding Alaska)

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Boy pondering his new CedarWorks playset

Girl playing on a CedarWorks wood outdoor swingset

Warranty & Returns

Happy customers are what we are all about, so our warranty and return policies were designed to keep you happy.

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