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See all our customers latest designs now and become inspired to create your own!

CedarWorks uses only authentic cedar

Authentic Cedar

The Authentic Cedar in CedarWorks is the same North American cedar that has long been valued for its natural strength and longevity. The "cedar" in more than 95% of other "cedar" playsets is not. That "cedar" is actually a marketing term for Cunninghamia Lanceolata, a species from China that is not related to cedar and does not share all the same characteristics that make Northern White Cedar the best for outdoor play. Learn more

We use post and beam construction in our Architectural playsets

Post & Beam

Preferred for ski lodges, homes, barns, and anywhere that you want strength, beauty, and open space, post and beam construction is what we use for our Architectural play structures. Play comfortably and safely right along with your kids — and all the kids in the neighborhood, too.

Architectural swing sets have great lines

Great Lines

Cars. Boats. Homes. The most beautiful ones all have great lines. So do our Architectural playsets. This means an Architectural playset fits seamlessly with all the other beautiful things in your life. Kids included.

Architectural uses bigger wood

Bigger Wood

Northern White Cedar is up to 33% larger in dimension than wood from competing companies. It's also naturally splinter-free and naturally long-lasting, so you don't need to sand, and you don't have to add any paints, stains or other chemical treatments. Learn more

Architectural wooden playsets are all about attention to detail

Details, Details

Great design is not just about grand gestures. It requires equal attention to detail. From colorful finials to fish scale shingles, each Architectural playset is loaded with fanciful references to traditional elements. The details are what set our Architectural playsets apart.

A colorful Architectural swing set

Custom Color

Now your Architectural playset can be as colorful as your family. With colored trim options and playful graphic design elements, you can add a lot of color or just a splash here and there to create a playset that is unique to you. Learn more

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