CedarWorks main office in Rockport, Maine

CedarWorks home in Rockport, Maine

Who we are

At CedarWorks we come from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the country (and even beyond), but we are all lucky enough to live in a place as beautiful as Maine and to do what we love. We think you’ll love what we do, too.

3 kids running towards an Architectural wood playset

President's Letter

We always knew the day would come but that didn't make it any easier. After more than 20 years and countless hours of family fun, it was time to say goodbye to our CedarWorks playset.

We got our CedarWorks when our oldest, Kienan, was just 1 year old. At first there was lots of swinging and lap after lap up the ramp and down the slide, over and over and over again....

A CedarWorks product designer at work

Design Matters

Design is more than aesthetics. It’s what transforms an idea into a practical, attractive product. It’s as much about functionality and durability as appearance. Great design combined with a sense of fun is at the heart of what we do here at CedarWorks. We design products that are durable and beautifully playful.

A boy jumps off a Cedarpede balance beam from the Backyard Collection

Active Play

Grown ups have to exercise. Kids get to play. And active, unstructured play is important for your child's total development. When they are really engaged in play, kids use their imaginations to create scenarios, their bodies to act them out, and their social skills to work together.

As parents, our job is to encourage active play, but there's a lot of competition for kids' attention these days. CedarWorks makes a parent's job much easier. Indoors or out, sunrise or sunset, CedarWorks' beautifully playful creations encourage the kind of play that's good to grow on.

Flowers at Merryspring Nature Center in Camden, Maine

Giving Back

CedarWorks donates 10% of profits to organizations and programs that benefit kids and the environment. When you choose CedarWorks, you contribute to a better future for your family in more ways than one.

Girl talking on a play phone

Service is Key

Customer service is the heart of our business. We have a dedicated, full-time customer service staff whose job is to help you every step of the way from delivery and installation to maintenance and repairs. In addition, our information system stores your custom CedarWorks design, so when you call, we know exactly what you bought and how it all goes together.

A CedarWorks employee putting finishing touches on an indoor playset panel

Quality Construction

At CedarWorks our commitment is to the highest quality construction.

We use time tested construction methods and an unwavering attention to detail to make sure that every CedarWorks, indoor or outdoor, is built to last.

A CedarWorks employee choosing some wood for an outdoor swing set

Best Materials

We only select materials that are the best for the purpose, the best for your kids, and the best for the environment.

We use splinter-free, chemical-free, long-lasting Northern White Cedar for outdoor and furniture quality hardwoods, cabinet grade multi-ply panels and water-based stains for indoor.

This makes our products the best for you, too.

View of Camden-Rockport from Mount Battie

Where it Comes From

CedarWorks products are crafted at our plant and at select family businesses in Maine and Canada.

So each order, whether customized or standard, is sure to be made right and on time.

It also means the environment is protected, and workers have safe workplaces and receive good wages and benefits.

We hope you feel as good about this as we do.