Letter from the President

On Friday nights my wife Lynne and I make a point of having some adult time together. It’s a chance for us to take a breath and catch up with each other and to recount the week-that-was in our busy household.

We talk about soccer practice and schoolwork and screen time. We discuss milestones and mischief and the mayhem of life with four kids. And woven into all this are our hopes for our children and the values we try to pass along.

We talk to our kids about the importance of honesty. Not just what is said, but equally what is done. Fulfilling promises. Taking responsibility.

We emphasize doing what is right. Not doing what is easy, or what you can get away with, or what is not specifically against the rules. But doing the right thing no matter how hard or awkward or inconvenient that might be.

We discuss the importance of being considerate. Not only of people you know, but of strangers, and animals, and the environment. Just being nice in the broadest and most fundamental way possible.

We try to show them that there are few short-cuts in life. The things that are really worth doing or really worth having demand hard work and dedication. Things that are easy to do or cheap to buy just don't have much lasting value.

And we try to roll these values all together with as much fun and love and positive energy as we can muster.

Turns out, this is exactly what we try to do here at CedarWorks. I hope it shows.

Best wishes,


Barrett Brown, Owner