Letter from the President

We always knew the day would come but that didn’t make it any easier. After more than 20 years and countless hours of family fun, it was time to say goodbye to our CedarWorks playset.

We got our CedarWorks when our oldest, Kienan, was just 1 year old. At first there was lots of swinging and lap after lap up the ramp and down the slide, over and over and over again.

And when he grew and his abilities and interests evolved, we added more challenging accessories like a climbing wall and trapeze bar and rings. Soon enough, Kienan was joined by Quinn and Isa, his twin siblings, and then Cameron, our youngest. And each time the cycle repeated.

The following years were a blur of swinging, sliding, climbing, and make believe. The playset was a fort, a boat, an island, and a spaceship. It was surrounded at times by lava and oceans and deep space. It was the centerpiece of playdates, birthday parties and sleepovers. And as the kids became tweens and then teens, it was the place to hangout with friends - close to home, but not too close.

All too quickly the after-school backyard time became school sports time. Then play dates were replaced with actual dates. Kienan headed off to college and Isa to boarding school. Recently, we celebrated four graduations: one college, two high school, and one middle school. And with our family in the middle of so many important transitions, we looked out at our backyard and knew it was time for a transition there too.

We were a bit heavyhearted as we disassembled our CedarWorks, yet it was gratifying to see that it had held up so well. Sure, there were a few areas that were worse for wear, but the structural posts and beams were solid and strong. So were the ladder rungs, swing hangers and swings. And the wood was still splinter free even after 20 years with no maintenance.

There is an empty spot now in our backyard where the playset used to be. That might seem a bit sad, but we know it’s not really empty. It’s full of amazing memories of happy, healthy family play. I hope someday you will look back on many wonderful memories playing on your family’s CedarWorks, too.

Best wishes,


Barrett Brown, Owner