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We put the play in playhouses

About Outdoor Playhouses

Kids climbing the outside of wooden cedar playhouse

Play House? Or Play on the House?

Kids like to play and slide as much as they like to make believe. We designed our playhouses with spaces and accessories to foster both physical and social play. Now when your kids climb the walls, you can relax and let them.

2-story outdoor playhouse with ramp, big windows, rope and bucket, and firemans pole

Custom Home

Just like when you design a custom home, you can choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and accessories until your (play)house is just right. And, like a well-built home, CedarWorks playhouses feature post-and-beam framing, and tongue-in-groove siding, so they will last a lifetime.

Girls climbing out windows of an outdoor playhouse

Naturally long-lasting

Northern White Cedar is naturally long-lasting without paints, stains or other chemical treatments. It’s also naturally splinter-free, and it’s up to 33% larger in dimension than wood from competing companies.  Learn more   

2-story outdoor wooden playhouse with swings

Have your Swingset and your Playhouse, too

A swingset is fun, but a playhouse is fun, too. So why not have both? Add swings to your playhouse. Or connect two playhouses with swings and a bridge. Or, get the best of both worlds, and connect your playhouse to one of our swingsets. It’s all good.

CedarWorks uses only authentic cedar

Authentic Cedar

The Authentic Cedar in CedarWorks is the same North American cedar that was valued by your parents and grandparents before them. The "cedar" in more than 95% of "cedar" playsets is not. Originally called China Fir or Chinese Cedar, this wood comes from China, but it is neither fir nor cedar. And it is not the wood your ancestors valued.  Learn more   

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