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Indoor playset with slide and ramps

A playset that's where your kids are

Active, unstructured play is important for children’s development. But kids spend most of their waking hours indoors where options for active play are limited. Until now. With our indoor playsets, your kids get the benefits of active play no matter the weather, season, or time of day.

Example of indoor playset that fits in corner of room

It Fits

Every room is different, and so is every CedarWorks indoor playset. Tucked in a corner, spread out the length of a wall, or even smack dab in the middle of the room, our modular playsets can playfully fit anywhere.

An indoor playset from the inside, showing upstairs and downstairs

Upstairs, Downstairs

Kids love to play on things. Kids love to play under things. Every CedarWorks indoor playset comes with both an upstairs and a downstairs so your kids can star on a stage, read a book in a nook, and everything in between.

An indoor play area with everything

Choices, Choices

Choose from two deck sizes, three deck heights, more than 20 accessories and a huge selection of fun and functional play panels. With so many options, the perfect CedarWorks indoor playset is waiting for your family.

The wood in our indoor playsets is beautiful, safe, and strong

Hardwood Frames

The locally sourced White Ash used in the posts and braces of our indoor playsets and beds is the same wood traditionally used for Major League baseball bats, so it’s strong enough to handle anything your kids throw its way. Add to that our cabinet grade Baltic Birch panels for indoor products that are always beautiful, safe, and strong.

Girl in nook inside an indoor wood playset

Safe Stains

The posts and panels of our indoor products are finished with kid-friendly ultra-low VOC water-based stains. Good for your kids, and good for the earth, too.

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