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A CedarWorks bunk bed made for play AND sleep

Best of Both

Every kid needs a bed. Every kid needs to play. Our playbeds can be combined with all the cool components of our indoor playsets, so your kid can play all day and sleep all night — all in the same room.

A CedarWorks bunk bed can be configured as stadium bedding

1, 2, 3, 4, or More

Single or bunk beds, end to end, side by side, or up and down beds. Beds for a small room. Beds for a bunkroom. With CedarWorks' modular playbeds, the possibilities are limitless.

Boys playing on wood playbed

No more monsters under the bed

With our loft beds your kids get a bed above and a play space below, so they will be far too busy playing under the bed to worry about any monsters hiding there. Bedtime transformed.

Example of beautiful, cut panels for CedarWorks indoor playsets and playbeds

Premium Panels

The Baltic Birch panels used in our indoor playsets and beds are beautiful inside and out. We happily reveal the solid wood internal structure that lesser plywood products work hard to cover up. Our posts and braces are made from White Ash — a hardwood strong enough that it’s used to make Major League baseball bats. Put them together and you get indoor products that are safe, strong, and beautiful.

Girl in nook inside an indoor wood playset

Safe Stains

The posts and panels of our indoor products are finished with kid-friendly ultra-low VOC water-based stains. Good for your kids, and good for the earth, too.

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