Indoor play, The Cat in the Hat, and how not to be like that poor fish

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Indoor play, The Cat in the Hat, and how not to be like that poor fish

“It was too wet to go out. It was too cold to play ball. So we sat in the house. We did nothing at all.” The Cat in the Hat

No doubt you remember Dr. Seuss’s classic Cat in the Hat. It might even be in your kids’ bedtime reading rotation. To a child, it’s a delightful story of being wildly, surprisingly entertained on an otherwise grim, rainy day. As a parent, however, it reads more like a tale of suspense, maybe even a horror story. Will the house still be standing by the time the mother returns? Will the poor fish with the over-developed sense of responsibility survive to worry about another day?

And now here we are, heading into that time of year when snowy or rainy days - here in the Northeast, at least - are plentiful. Even when the weather is nice, the nights are long and your daylight hours to play outside are short. That means you may be spending more time indoors, and while the antics of the Cat in the Hat might be hilarious to children, in real life, we parents tend to identify more with the poor fish in the story, working fruitlessly to avoid utter chaos and corral Thing 1 and Thing 2 while everything tumbles around him.

That poor fish could have avoided a lot of stress if the kids had an indoor playset rather than a gravity-defying, hat-wearing cat with a complete lack of impulse control.

Our indoor playsets are designed to appeal to both the children and the grown ups in your house by providing the equipment for fun, active play that encourages kids’ to move their bodies and use their imaginations, no matter what the weather is like. And you don’t have to worry about juggling dishes or flying fish.

With an indoor playset or playbed, your kids have easy access, no matter the weather or your schedule, to the kind of play that is good for them, doesn't involve sitting in front of a screen, and doesn't destroy your house.