Play in color while you wait

Fun Stuff  |  2 years ago

Play in color while you wait

At CedarWorks, we are always trying to think of fun things to share with our customers. Recently, we have seen several social media posts and comments from new customers saying how excited they are to get their new playsets or that their kids can’t wait until their new playset arrives. We love seeing these families’ excitement and enthusiasm, and we wondered if there was a way we could respond to that.

Our product designer, Heather, had a fun idea - she is the author of a lot of our most fun (funnest?) ideas - and it was something we were able to implement almost immediately. She designed and drew a CedarWorks coloring book to send as a link to our new customers after they place their order. It’s a way for us to welcome new playset owners into the CedarWorks family, and it’s an activity kids can do while they wait for their playset to arrive. And the beauty of sending it as a link means you can print out as many as you want - no fighting over who gets to color each page.

Please check out our new coloring book for yourself. We hope you and your family enjoy it.

CedarWorks Coloring Book