Play on Display at CedarWorks

Life at CedarWorks  |  5 years ago

Play on Display at CedarWorks

Most people only get to know CedarWorks through our website or catalog. We don’t have showrooms or distributors, and we live and work on the Maine coast which is beautiful but not exactly heavy on population, so we work hard to put our best foot forward with beautiful photos and videos, since that is the only way most people ever see us.

It would be easy enough then just to have a functional, utilitarian office in an office park outside of town. But we think, if you’ve seen our website or social media, you would expect something a lot more fun, and we wouldn’t want to disappoint! So we spent about a year redesigning, leveling and landscaping to create a display area that fits our brand and our high standards.

If you are ever lucky enough to be driving Route 1 in Midcoast Maine, in between the tourist town of Camden and scenic Rockland, you will see us. We do have a sign, but most people passing by don’t notice it. Their eyes are drawn to the display area in front of our building.

We like to think it’s what you would imagine CedarWorks headquarters would look like. There are wooden swing sets of all sizes with regular swings, horse swings, and skateboard swings. There are bridges and tunnels, climbing walls, toddler slides, scoop slides and twisty slides. Swing sets are linked between all different sizes and styles of structure, including gazebos and our colorful outdoor playhouses. Strategically scattered throughout are cedar benches and chairs and picnic tables. It’s basically a child’s fantasy of the perfect yard.

Sometimes, you can even get a sneak peek at new product ideas we are testing for next year. Right now our display area includes a variety of playset and playhouse options that won’t show up online or in a catalog until 2019, but they are hidden in plain sight right in front of our office.

Ironically, for all the effort we put into making our display area a playset fantasy, 99% of our customers will never even see it, but if you ever find yourself in the midcoast Maine area, please stop by to say hi and play awhile! We would love to see you, and we promise you’ll have fun.