Springtime is Playset Check-in Time

Expert Advice  |  5 years ago

Springtime is Playset Check-in Time

Nothing is more important to the safety, longevity, and enjoyment of your playset than keeping it properly maintained. Different types of playsets will require different levels of maintenance, but if you have a playset, you should expect to do at least some basic maintenance every year, and springtime, just before your kids start a busy summer of outdoor play, is a good time to do it.

Things to check as you head into summer:

This is one thing that is common to all swing sets and playsets regardless of structural materials. Nuts, bolts, screws, nails, and any other type of hardware should be inspected and tightened before the busy use season and periodically thereafter. In addition, swing ropes and hardware should be inspected annually for wear and tear and replaced as needed.

CedarWorks playset are made from Northern White Cedar and do not splinter, so they don’t require sanding or staining, but other species of wood commonly used in playsets such as redwood or Chinese cedar will splinter as the wood ages and the original sanding and staining wear. Thus, periodic sanding along with regular staining is necessary to reduce the likelihood of splinters.

While CedarWorks playsets do not require staining, and we sell them “au naturel”, most wooden playsets are sold with a factory stain already applied. Once stained, a playset will need to be restained periodically (at least every 2 years).

You don’t have to clean your playset every year, but cleaning will freshen it up, so it looks better after a long winter.

Metal, plastic, and vinyl playsets can be cleaned with water or a light soap and water solution using a simple hose and bucket. A power washer is also an option and can be convenient for reducing effort and reaching high spots.

Natural unstained wood can be washed, too. One common method involves using a power washer with a water/bleach solution. When used properly, the spray will clean off dirt and even remove a very fine outer layer of material which will return the wood close to its original color. Another even easier method is to mix a slightly more concentrated bleach and water solution and place it in a spray bottle. A light mist of the solution on the wood surface will remove the natural graying from the sun and return the wood closer to its original color.

Now your playset should be as ready for another year of play as your kids are!