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Small Playsets for Small Yards

Is your imagination bigger than your yard? Don't worry, that doesn't mean your kids have to live without a playset. We can help you "rightsize" your playset dreams to fit the dimensions of your yard. Thanks to our modular designs, you can choose or design a playset to fit just about any size or shape yard, from the smallest to the largest and anything in between.

A few of our favorite small playsets and playhouses for smaller backyards:

  • Serendipity 419

    Serendipity 419
    19' wide x 16' deep x 15' high

  • Serendipity 542

    Serendipity 542
    16' wide x 15' deep x 15' high

  • Frolic 893

    Frolic 893
    16' wide x 17' deep x 12' high

  • Frolic 747

    Frolic 747
    9' wide x 16' deep x 12' high

  • Frolic 811

    Frolic 811
    13' wide x 14' deep x 11' high

  • Frolic 166

    Frolic 166
    17' wide x 16' deep x 12' high

  • Playhouse 686

    Playhouse 686
    15' wide x 6' deep x 15' high

  • Playhouse 722

    Playhouse 722
    11' wide x 14' deep x 10' high

  • Playhouse 471

    Playhouse 471
    14' wide x 7' deep x 15' high

  • Playhouse 827

    Playhouse 827
    7' wide x 6' deep x 12' high

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