2017 Play It Forward playset winners announced

Three foster families awarded CedarWorks playsets

May 31, 2017

CedarWorks is pleased to announce the 2017 winners of its charitable program, Play It Forward .

for the last three years, CedarWorks has worked with the National Foster Parents Association(NFPA) to award playsets to deserving foster families all over the U . S . The Play It Forward contest is a way to give back to, and acknowledge, families who give so much to children, and to acknowledge the importance of play for children’s development . All kids benefit from active play, but for many foster families getting to a playground can be a challenge as they may have more than one child who has behavioral or health issues or developmental delays . Providing a family with a swing set or playset brings the benefits of active play right to their backyard . 

Every year foster families who are members of NFPA are invited to apply to win a CedarWorks playset . With input from NFPA, applicants are narrowed down to those families who truly go the extra mile whether by fostering children with special needs, organizing support for other foster families, or taking in as many children as their house can hold . 

"We developed the program as a way to help families who truly go above and beyond to help children and families where we know the playsets will get many years of play by many children," says Barrett Brown, president of CedarWorks . "The families we recognize all work incredibly hard to create safe, loving homes for children who face many difficulties . We are honored to be a part of that . "

This year CedarWorks awarded playsets to three deserving families who meet challenges every day with kindness and love . One family adopted a set of six siblings to make sure the brothers and sisters could all stay together, another family has taken in children who have gone through high levels of trauma and a third provides a home for children who have behavioral issues . All of them emphasize the importance of creating a home for the kids in their care that provides not only a sense of safety but also a sense of fun and play . 

One Play it Forward recipient says, "We have foster kids ages 6 down to age 2. All of them are from various backgrounds and tough experiences and they all need the escape to run free and play and be kids... This play structure opens up so much fun and free time for them to let out their energy and enjoy their days!"

As part of its commitment to creating a healthier world for children, CedarWorks donates 10 % of its profits to organizations that benefit children and the environment . Play It Forward is one of three giving programs it administers . for more information on CedarWorks’ Giving Programs, including Play It Forward, visit the Giving Back page on our website .

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