Think Big with our Biggest Playsets

Is go big or go home your motto? How about if you can go big at home? If you have big playset dreams and a yard to match, we can get you a playset with all the swings, slides, climbing walls, monkey bars, and more that you could want.

Design your own supersized set from scratch, check out a few of our favorite XL playsets below, or go to our product examples page to see many more possibilities. You can filter by dimensions to find just the right size playset for your family.

Architectural Playsets

Architectural 2175

42' wide x 42' deep

Architectural 4445

50' wide x 36' deep

Architectural 4602

52' wide x 43' deep

Architectural 6454

33' wide x 48' deep

Classic Playsets

Classic 1296

50' wide x 27' deep

Classic 1673

40' wide x 29' deep

Classic 4534

54' wide x 27' deep

Classic 6592

43' wide x 29' deep

Rustic Playsets

Rustic 2288

50' wide x 22' deep

Rustic 5258

38' wide x 20' deep

Rustic 7007

34' wide x 20' deep

Rustic 8759

22' wide x 28' deep