CedarWorks is in your neighborhood and all over the world

Who We Are  |  4 years ago

CedarWorks is in your neighborhood and all over the world

CedarWorks is a small family-owned business located in midcoast Maine. Our sales, service, manufacturing, and shipping are all located right here, about 3 hours north of Boston.

Despite a location that some would describe as remote (the closest Starbucks is an hour away, so some people would consider us to be extremely remote), we sell and ship our playsets to families in every state in the U.S. as well as Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. We’ve also shipped our playsets to more than 30 countries in 5 continents and counting.

Some fun facts about where you can find CedarWorks playsets:

  • The farthest we have shipped a playset: Kowloon, China

  • The largest country we’ve shipped a playset to: Russia

  • The smallest: Monaco (at just over 2 square miles, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. Vatican City is first)

  • The country with the largest population we have shipped to is China and the largest city we’ve shipped to is Beijing with over 21 million inhabitants

  • Beijing fits 21 million people into 6,490 square miles which sounds like a lot until you consider that Maine fits 1.3 million people into more than five times the space at over 35,000 square miles

  • The least populous state in the U.S. is Wyoming. It has 563,600 people spread out over almost 98,000 square miles. We have sold hundreds of playsets in Wyoming over the years, but that might not seem like much in such a vast landscape

  • The least populous country in the world is Vatican City with just over 800 inhabitants. We haven’t sold any playsets there

  • Country we have sold the most playsets to (other than the U.S.): Canada

  • Country we have shipped to where we wished we could be instead of scraping the ice off our windshield this morning: a tie between Bahamas, Barbados and Jamaica

  • We have sold playsets to three kinds of Georgias: the state, the country, and the first name, but we have never sold a playset to anyone named Georgia who also lived in Georgia

  • We have also shipped playsets to both the overseas versions of Bangor, Rome, Vienna, China, and Poland, as well as their namesakes in Maine

Wherever you live, we can probably get a playset to you because CedarWorks playsets really get around. See what we have in your neighborhood.

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