Easy to Buy - See our playsets in 3D

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Easy to Buy - See our playsets in 3D

In a lot of ways, CedarWorks is different from other playset companies. We are located in a small town that’s not exactly a hub for commerce. We don’t have any showrooms or franchises, and we don’t sell through third parties. In fact, it's our mission to be the leading direct-to consumer marketer of wood products for families with children.

So how do we sell playsets without any physical stores? We have gone to a lot of work to make designing, choosing, and ordering your playset as easy as possible. Our website is a great resource with tons of information about our company and our products, and we have a team of Design Experts at the ready to answer any of your questions or help you with a design by phone or by email.

But we know that what our customers really want is to see our playsets from all angles, so they can see the features on all sides of the sets and understand things like how a funnel tunnel slide attaches to a structure, or how kids can get from the first to the second floor in a two-story playhouse. One of the features we think is most helpful for choosing or designing a playset is our interactive 3d feature. You can look at any of our playsets or playhouses in a 3D format that you can spin around to see from all sides, zoom in or out, or even “fly” above it to get a bird’s eye view. You can even look inside the structures. The models are incredibly detailed and really helpful for understanding how each playset is laid out. 

We have 3D models for all of our residential playsets and playhouses (except our Play-a-Round line) as well as our indoor playsets and playbeds. When you click on one of the example playsets on our website, you’ll see a round button in the top corner that says “View 3D”. Just click on the button, and a page will open with the 3D model, and you can explore the structure to your heart’s content. What’s even cooler is if you design your own playset on our website, you can save your design and see it in 3D. It really brings your design to life to see it go from 2D to a beautifully detailed 3D model.

Explore 3D on your own now.